Not at all. Come ready to learn and enjoy!

All classes are hands-on, so everyone gets to participate if they would like to do so.

Yes, we will eat what we make in class. Normally, the format of each class includes an overview, meal preparation, cook time, tasting and discussion.

For cooking classes, we recommend you wear comfortable shoes, since you’ll be on your feet for the majority of the class. As a kitchen courtesy please refrain from wearing heavy perfumes or colognes.

For themed events, guests tend to dress in snappy casual style.

Sure, as long as you meet the minimum of 6 people. Contact us to talk about your ideas.

Yes, we only host one group at a time to ensure a unique, interactive experience.

We are a culinary studio, not a restaurant. This means we host private, pedagogical events designed for your group alone. In that sense, we operate the same way sports/music venues do: receiving full payments for the tickets in advance. We give our guests a few days to proceed with the booking to allow them time to coordinate a single payment.

Of course, we are open to your ideas to facilitate your enjoyment of the rich gastronomy from Spain.

Yes, and we also plan to invite both in person and virtual guest chefs, area experts, and food producers.

Both our space and events are designed for adults, but we plan to have specific events for teens.

We are conscious of cooking for allergies and safety, and knowledgeable about substitutions. Please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

For hygienic reasons, pets are not allowed at La Centralita.

Unfortunately, the historic stairs of our space have a narrow angle that is not wide enough for a wheelchair.

There are two separate sinks in the kitchen, plus another in the bathroom. Every participant will be required to wash their hands before and potentially at different times during the class.

Yes. Just subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you posted.

Yes. Gift cards may be purchased here.

We live in and operate our small business from Center Square, a historic, walkable neighborhood with limited permit parking. As people would do in Spain, we encourage our customers to use public transportation, bike, and walk to La Centralita. If you arrive by car, consider carpooling and parking in one of several garages nearby.

¡Sí! Yes, we offer sessions ranging from basic conversation to professional business and presentation skills. Contact us for more details