Our Culinary Space

La Centralita is a collaborative, multi-use space in which to learn about the cuisine of Spain through various types of immersive activities for 6-10 people at a time.

Our place includes an open gourmet kitchen, a curated exhibit featuring antique Spanish telephones, and a tasting room inspired by txokos, the private temples of Basque gastronomy in Northern Spain.

Cooking Classes

Fun and informal, for all skill levels. They are purposely kept small to ensure the best guided, hands-on learning experience.

Themed Tastings

Our multi-course tasting events highlight culinary connections with famous people from Spain like Dalí, Picasso or Penélope Cruz and cultural happenings such as La Feria de Sevilla, El Camino de Santiago, or the Running of the Bulls, to name a few, in addition to spotlighting the diversity in the regional cuisines of Spain.

Private Events

Enjoy a bespoke experience with a group of friends, family, or co-workers in a warm, quiet ambiance with custom-designed cooking classes or tasting menus featuring culinary delights from Spain.

Book an exclusive event in our space that only accommodates 6-10 people at a time for your birthday celebration, business meeting, or family gathering.