5 products from Spain you’ll love at Trader Joe’s

As people who love to eat and plan our leisure travels thinking first about where to eat and then what to visit, going to the supermarket is always an enjoyable pursuit.

One of our favorite grocery stores is Trader Joe’s. Unique products at competitive prices could be its motto. We’ve been purchasing at TJ’s for the last decade and even after some discontinued promising products over the years, our Top 5 of favorite products from Spain at Trader Joe’s are:

5 – Figs with chocolate
A seasonal product you should consider for this holiday season is this elegant box to give as a gift or eat on your own, and enjoy the surprising combination of chocolate, fruit, and brandy.

4 – Manzanilla Olives
They are one of our pantry’s essentials. These Andalusian flavored olives go perfect in salads, in sandwiches… and also as an appetizer!

3 – Guara Almonds
After the gym or while waiting for dinner, you will be addicted to their unique flavor, texture, shape, and saltiness. Along with Marcona almonds, also originally from Spain, Guara almonds are a great source of protein and they help you to sleep well.

2 – Olive Oil
It’s no coincidence that Spain is the number 1 country in both producing and exporting its excellent quality olive oil. Apart from using it for cooking and salads, try it on a piece of toasted sourdough bread with a pinch of sea salt: you’ll love it!

1 – Manchego Cheese
We like cured cheeses, so the older the better. This particular one is 12 months old and it’s great on its own but also served with your favorite jam or grated on top of a soup.

Trader Joe’s does not have a large selection of products from Spain (we’d love to see more!), but those they do feature in their stores align perfectly with our internationally renowned and healthy Mediterranean diet. Give them a try and let us know what you think! ┬íSalud!

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